One of the main activities of the law firm PROXIMA is litigation.

In particular, we provide legal services for the preparation of lawsuits and other legal documents, and litigation support at any level of complexity in the administrative, commercial and civil proceedings.

In addition, lawyers and attorneys of law firm PROXIMA have extensive experience in conducting a case in all judicial instances of courts with general jurisdiction, specialized courts - commercial and administrative, as well as in arbitration courts and international commercial arbitration in such categories of disputes:

  • Debt collections
  • Administrative and other disputes with public authorities (tax and customs authorities) and local authorities
  • Corporate conflicts
  • Disputes arising from the contracts
  • Disputes concerning real estate and property rights to such property
  • Disputes in the field of intellectual property
  • Investment disputes.

ФSpecialists of the law firm PROXIMA give consultations to clients at all stages of the beginning and resolution of disputes, including

Pre-trial stage:

  • Detailed legal assessment of documents
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes
  • The definition of litigation strategy
  • Development of a reasoned legal position in litigation.

Trial Stage:

  • Preparation and filing of all necessary legal documents
  • Representing clients in court proceedings
  • Appeal court decisions in the courts of appeal and high court.

Post-trial phase:

  • Accompanying the execution of settlement agreements
  • Accompanying the enforcement of judgments in enforcement proceedings.

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