Suffrage and supporting parliamentary activities

Our specialists have extensive experience of working in state bodies and local self-government, as assistants of national deputies of Ukraine. They conducted the election campaigns at all levels, worked in the public reception of political parties and deputies.

We participated in the work on the bills, inquiries and requests of the deputies.

Specialists of the law firm PROXIMA for many years worked with national deputies of Ukraine, deputies of local councils and government representatives.

The presence of such an experience helps us to provide all political and legal aspects for the political needs, suffrage and political advocacy.

Service: Accompaniment of political and legal aspects of the public authorities.

Our services:
- We accompany deputies’ work in the parliament committees and commissions and lobbying interests of representatives of civil society, if these interests match the ideology of a political party and deputes as well.
- Work on the bills.
- Work with parliamentary inquiries and appeals, deputes’ support in the public authorities, local government and law enforcement agencies
- Legal support of PR companies
- Creation of scientific and popular products on political and legal topics that are interesting for the public and make challenges in civil society
- Interaction of legal and public aspects of activity
- Preparation materials, focused on the coverage of legal activity, for the media.

Service: Suffrage and political advocacy

Our services:
- Consultation in the sphere of Suffrage in Ukraine.
- Development of political strategy and tactics of the election campaign.
- Support of the nomination and registration procedure of candidates (preparation documents for registration of a candidate, opening a bank account of the election fund, and other)
- Legal examination of campaign materials for compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine
- Drafting contracts for the manufacture and placement of campaign materials
- Legal training of candidates before meeting with voters
-  Making workshops, seminars, lectures with agitators, official observers, official representatives, members of election commissions.
- Monitoring of violations of the electoral process making by the political opponents and taking measures to cut out violations committed by them.
- Preparation and submission of complaints to the election commissions and courts for legal violations of the law committed by political opponents.
- Appeal against actions or inaction of election commissions
- Legal support of the “election day”
- Organization and control of the legality of the voting process and the counting of votes at election day.
- Gathering evidences concerning violations of the electoral legislation, the preparation of complaints and election commissions, law enforcement, courts
- Protection of voting rights of the candidate in court
- Protection of honor, dignity and reputation of the candidate.

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