Bankruptcy and restructuring

Experts of our company for more than eight years accompany procedures of property disposition, rehabilitation and liquidation of legal entities from different spheres of business. Two specialists of the company have a certificate to carry out activities of arbitration manager.

For litigation in bankruptcy and restructuring it is necessary to understand the specifics of the enterprise, tax law, etc. Teamwork of specialists from a number of related areas of law significantly increases efficiency and reduces the possibility of contestation form either party.

PROXIMA arbitration managers may represent the interests of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, interests of the defendant and the third party. We have experience in representing large groups of creditors.

Bankruptcy proceedings may be a tool in a corporate dispute or debt collection.

Our services:
- Protection of assets in the procedure disposition of property, rehabilitation and liquidation
- Representation of the legal entity who has a bankruptcy case
- Representing the interests of creditors in the bankruptcy case
- Conducting meetings of creditors
- Litigation concerning the legal or official connected with the procedure of bankruptcy or restructuring
- Appeal to the government and law enforcement agencies with inquiries and complaints
- The use of the bankruptcy procedure as a method of return payable
- Preparation and publication in specialized publications, business and socio-political publications in case of violation of the rights of one of the parties in the proceedings.

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