Retail and wholesale trade

This activity of the law firm PROXIMA includes practice in the sector of Ukrainian trade (commercial) law as well as reaching out to the international commercial law - the conclusion of commercial (retail) transactions, with the presence of a foreign element.

Our experts help clients to deal with various issues related to the trade and distribution of goods. Our specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of contract structuring and trading procedure in Ukraine.

We have considerable experience with various types of contracts, including contracts for the sale and distribution, franchising and licensing agreements, agency agreements, commission contracts, confidentiality agreements and service agreements, agreements on transfer of intellectual property rights, leases and other stuff.

Our practice includes not only the giving advices on different types of trading, but also help with tax issues in trade, customs issues, licensing and other issues.

We also provide protection for the client's interests in disputes, help in negotiations between the parties, and represent clients in court and arbitration.

Our company was the founder of the Ukrainian Association of suppliers of retail chains in 2010, and deeply involved in the work of Association.

Main services in this field of law are:

  • Maintenance of product delivery procedures
  • Licensing and approvals in the production, export and food processing
  • Advice on optimizing the distribution structure (taxation, antitrust issues, and other issues), development and maintenance models reorganization
  • Advising on the legal aspects of the sale of products (consumer protection, product liability of the manufacturer, licensing, packaging and labeling of products, the protection of intellectual property rights)
  • Representation in various regulatory bodies, government agencies
  • Pre-trial settlement of debt
  • Judicial support disputes related to trade
  • Accompanying the release of the retail chains
  • Protection for unlawful use of trademarks
  • Getting barcodes on any type of product.

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