Why our clients are confident in their choice?

PROXIMA - a team of qualified and responsible professionals, who will take only that task, which they can compete the best.

PROXIMA - an independent company that is guided by the interests of the clients only and does not take into account other factors. Decency eliminates the effectiveness of any benefits or pressure.

PROXIMA - a consultant, oriented on result.

PROXIMA - a firm that values its reputation and the reputation of clients. Careful selection of projects and tasks, as well as the strict confidentiality are our immutable rules.

PROXIMA - a partnership of specialists, who are not limited of the narrow limits of its subject; political and socio-economic conditions, industry-specific features and other important features are always taken into account in order to do our job the best.

PROXIMA - a good partner who will offer individual approach to every client, depending on clients preferences and conditions.