Since 2001 Law Firm PROXIMA is standing by its clients and supporting theirs interest in a various kinds of disputes. Our company has offices in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Our lawyers are experts in different branches of law. We know specifics of markets and industries in which we are working for a long time, and this knowledge helps us to achieve the best result we desire.

Our lawyers are ready to provide quality services in the field of corporate law, in various issues related to construction and real estate, commercial and administrative legal procedures, cooperation with public authorities, bankruptcy and restructuring, intellectual property and internet law. As well, since 2012 we have providing services in the field of electoral law, and this kind of service have become one of our best.

For many years, we have established partnerships with law firms all around the world. So now, in many countries we have partner companies and lawyers, for whom Russian is the mother tongue. Due to this fact, we are able to understand each other better, so our partners abroad can understand their task clearer.

Our clients are Ukrainian and International companies.

Sincerely, Managing
Partner of PROXIMA Alexey Doroshenko